North Dakota Chiefs of Police Association
Do you realize?
     *  Good police services are essential to preserving public safety and maintaining a good quality of life.
     *  Law Enforcement is a primary governmental service
     *  Public safety is a high budget issue and worthy of attention to the quality of personnel and equipment.
     *  Police today requires efforts and information that extend beyond the individual community.
The North Dakota Chiefs of Police Association has as its objectives, the promotion of high quality policing and development of leadership for all police departments in the State of North Dakota.
The North Dakota Chiefs of Police Association provides the following:
     TRAINING - Includes legal issues, management and supervision, technology & police operations.
     NETWORKING - A forum whereby Chiefs from large and small communities can exchange information. Meetings are occasionally held with the Sheriff's Association to share information with them.
     LEGISLATIVE -  The Chief of Police Association is active in working with Legislator in having laws that serve to protest the public while preserving the integrity of Law Enforcement.
In supporting your Chief of Police, by having membership and attending meetings, you are helping to insure that your Chief of Police is receiving information he/she needs to administer and conduct activities relative to the law and policies of your City.
The Chiefs of Police Association meets once every three months.  Membership is open to Chiefs of Police and designated representatives from their department.
For More Information contact:  Chief Frank Senn, Beulah Police Department
                                                  701-873-5252 or